My goal with My Recipe Obsession is to share my love of cooking, baking, and all things culinary. However, these days it seems that there is always something to be suspicious of online. I have created this page to ensure that anyone can be comfortable interacting with my blog; below is an outline of the different services I use and how they interact with you.


The ads on this blog are provided through the WordAds service. I use WordAds because it is integrated into WordPress, on which my blog is built on. I do not control the ads that are posted through this service.

Types of Advertising

According to WordAds, “The ads tend to be broad national campaigns, rather than targeted local or topical campaigns. We have found that the broad campaigns pay better. That said, visitors from countries outside the US and Europe will often see targeted local ads.” (WordAds FAQ)

Seen a concerning advertisement?

If you see a concerning ad please contact me; I am able to forward information about the ad to WordAds, who will manage it. WordAds requests that the following information be included:

  • A screenshot of the advertisement
    • Mac: Hold Command and Shift and 3 to take a screenshot. It will save to your desktop.
    • Windows: Hold Alt and PrtScr, this creates a copy of the screen. Open Microsoft Word, create a new document, and press Ctrl and V to paste the picture into the document. The Snipping Tool can also be used.
  • The link in the advertisement. Do not left click the ad. Right click the ad and select “copy link” from the drop down menu that appears.

Contact Me

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

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